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Chenoa Fund Program

Under FHA guidelines, borrowers can receive grants or second mortgages through the Chenoa Fund program for their 3.5% down payment, with rates as low as 0% to help in qualifying.


What is Chenoa?

Chenoa Fund is an affordable housing program created to provide families with an affordable option for purchasing a home. When combined with our first mortgage, qualified borrowers can receive a second mortgage or grant to purchase a home with little or no cash investment.

Our affordable housing programs help meet the needs of an underserved population. Because of the restrictions put on lending in recent years, there is a significant need for home financing by those who have good credit and a responsible debt burden, but who have been unable to to put aside sufficient funds to provide a down payment. There is also a significant number of borrowers who would rather save the nest-egg they have carefully amassed for a rainy day rather than use it for a down payment.

It’s easy to qualify. Getting started with Chenoa Fund Loans and Down Payment Assistance is as simple as filling out the form on this page or calling.

How do I qualify?

  • First Mortgages – First mortgage loans must be a fixed rate and conform to standard FHA guidelines.
  • Second Mortgages – The second mortgage can be up to 3.5% of the sales price or appraised value, whichever is less.
  • Credit – Borrowers must have a minimum FICO score of 620.


  • Get started right here on this page. Call or fill out the form to begin the Chenoa Fund Program process.

Oregon Buyer Help partners are facilitators of Chenoa Fund Program loans in Oregon. It has never been easier to become a homeowner as it is now.

Experience makes the difference with Chenoa loans. Oregon Buyer Help partners are extremely experienced at facilitating the Chenoa Fund Programs.
To start your path to homeownership, simply fill out the form above or call. You will receive a call to discuss your specific needs so that we are sure you understand what programs are available. You will also receive a free consultation and detailed report simplifying the process so you understand all the benefits of each program, as well as a pre-qualification so you can begin your home search with confidence.

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